Sunday, July 16, 2006

'Twas brillig at the Brickskeller Saloon

The Brickskeller is one of those establishments you didn't think could exist in a city that seems to have become infested with tacky, pre-fabricated "grab-ass" bars that often have numbers, or even worse, Roman numerals for names.

Atmosphere-wise, "The 'skeller" remains true to its nature as a genuine "dining house and down home saloon" and provides surroundings that are comfortable without being pretentious or overly extravagant. Featuring ample table seating as well as bar seating on each of two levels, the layout lends itself just as well to parties of two as to parties of eight or ten. In this reviewer's experience, the waitstaff tends to be extremely friendly, attentive, and well-versed on the vast beer list that awaits.

The Brickskeller's claim to fame remains its beer list of over 1,000 bottled beers from all over the world. The beer menu is divided up by country and you are free to try anything from a Lithuanian Porter (Utenos Porter) to an IPA from Brooklyn (Brooklyn IPA), to a lager from Zimbabwe (Zambezi lager). In addition to the sweeping beer list, the 'skeller has a kitchen offering a full menu of delicious and reasonably priced food that goes great with any of the potent potables at your disposal.

Claiming the largest Belgian beer list outside of Belgium, the Brickskeller is a Belgian beer lover's paradise. Some of the fine Belgian ales available are: Delirium Tremens from the world famous Huyghe family brewery, De Koninck Cuvee, and the delicious Belgian microbrew, La Chouffe (brewed by happy Belgian gnomes). You can find the full beer list at the 'skeller's informative, if oddly designed official website located at

The Brickskeller is located at 22nd and P at 1523 22nd St. NW. (Metro: Dupont Circle)

Real Rating: (5 Chouffes out of 5)


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