Sunday, July 09, 2006

Welcome to Real Reviews!

The Real Reviewers are two young lads living in our nation's capital who have taken it upon themeselves to share with you their advice on fun things to do in the Washington, DC metro area. Our ideas will cover everything from cheap eats to expensive cuisine, from dive bars to trendy bistros. Our restaurant reviews will often be written from a beer-centric point of view, since we love beer and we think it's an absolutely essential part of a meal. We will tell you what is available on tap, what brews they have in bottles, and any specials that a watering hole may offer.

Since food and drinks are not the only way to have fun in DC, we will also feature articles about various outings and fun activities available for young people that you may or may not be privy to.

St. George's Ethiopian lager is a delicious brew available at Dukem Ethiopian restaurant at 11th and U St. NW (Metro: U Street/Cardozo)


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