Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tasty ales, Euro style at The Saloon

The Saloon
1207 U St. NW, Washington, DC 20009-4442

The Saloon is a slightly below street level, Euro-style pub located on U Street. When I visited, included on their impressive beer list was Brooklyn Brewery's Dark Chocolate Stout, a 10.6% chocolatey, nutty, delicous beast. This limited-edition ale is only available during the winter months and it will definitely warm you up on a cold December night.

With no glowing TV screens to distract you, and cozy dark wood-paneled walls, the atmosphere at The Saloon encourages conversation and socializing while enjoying some food and a frosty Ale. It is worth noting that The Saloon strongly encourages you to order your beer separately from and before any food, and you will see a notice on the menu to this effect. This will allow you to decide what to eat from a much more relaxed state of mind, resulting in a much improved dining experience.

Some of the signage and overall attitudes at The Saloon (such as "order your beer before your food") could be construed by the uninitiated as authoritarian, or maybe even fascist. This was not intended. These rules are merely guidelines by which the management at The Saloon is strongly suggesting that you adhere. After all, who better knows how to have a good time at their establishment than the people that run the place? Just don't break any of these rules, or you could be banned for life. No ale for you!!!

Final Word: Food is above average, beer selection is excellent. Atmosphere is great. Two thumbs up.

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